A cup of history

When our mission started?
When our grandparents told us the most fascinating and impressive war stories,
always with a cup of hot, strong coffee. One of those stories was that of Rupert…

Operation Titanic, the early morning of June 6, 1944.
The Allies parachuted hundreds into the hinterland of the Normandy coast
dolls, far away from the actual Allied drop zones. They tried on that one
way to confuse and distract the German defense forces.
Thus began the invasion. This is how D-Day started.

These paradummies consisted of a gunny bag filled with sand and explosives.
This way they could be destroyed immediately after landing, because
they were not allowed to end up in German hands.
These dolls soon got a nickname: Rupert.

Rupert only really became famous when he started getting attention
the legendary war picture The Longest Day . That movie bombed
Rupert definitively became an icon of the Second World War.

In that heroism lies the seed of our Rupert coffee .
Enjoy the mild strength and melancholic aroma of our coffee
and let Rupert take you back to a brave past!
That of the brave men and women who fought for our freedom.

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